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Open Access Thesis


English Language and Literatures


College of Arts and Sciences

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Pat Gehrke


Business related degrees perennially make up roughly 20% of all college degrees awarded. At the same time, business ethics continues to be a much-discussed problem. I capitalize on the close connection between communication and ethics in order to offer a partial solution to the problem in the form of a project-based business communication class. After establishing a complementary view of business ethics, I go on to suggest the ethical focus for the project-based communication class. I then argue for the special suitability of business communication for such an approach, after which I go on to discuss the work of Wittgenstein as a philosophical basis. I then give a presentation of a model project-based business communication class, discuss some advantages of this model and then offer solutions to a number of possible problems with, or objections to, the project-based model. The solution presented here opens the door for business communication classes to make an ethical difference in business and ultimately in the world at large.


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