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Open Access Dissertation


Instruction and Teacher Education


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Ken Vogler


The purpose of the present action research study is to examine the effects of a technology based reading intervention program titled Reading Eggs on a small rural Title I elementary school. The identified problem of practice involves students reading below grade level by third grade, which is an indicator of future academic problems for students. To address this problem, Fairfield Magnet School for Math and Science (FMSMS) has implemented the use of Reading Eggs to supplement instruction. Reading Eggs is a web based literacy program in which modules and automated videos teach students skills to build reading comprehension, fluency, spelling, vocabulary, and a range of writing skills. This program uses a pre- assessment to differentiate instruction and provide students with individualized learning paths. In this action research study, qualitative methods will be used to examine the effects of this program on reading achievement in first and second grades. The Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System 1 is used to determine academic growth throughout the study. Classes have been randomly selected as the targeted population. The data from the targeted population has been compared to the data of the classes not using the Reading Eggs Program. The results reveal that the Reading Egg used as a supplement was effective in improving reading proficiency scores. As a result, the Reading Eggs Program will be implemented as a supplemental program into the kindergarten and first grade classes at FMSMS.


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