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Biological Sciences

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Bert Ely


Caulobacter bacteriophages have been isolated from local ponds, streams and the aquaria of fish stores. About three-fourths of these phages belonged to the B3 morphotype with phage CbK being the best studied. As no B3 phage genome sequences are currently available in the Genbank, we decided to determine the nucleotide sequence of the CBK genome. Bacteriophage CbK is a double-stranded DNA phage with an extremely large genome size of 203,242 base pairs and a 66.13% GC content. Of the 303 predicted coding sequences, 60 sequences had significant similarity with the other bacterial and phage proteins, with 20 of them similar to other phage proteins. An additional 48 coding sequences were similar to hypothetical bacterial proteins. Also, 24 tRNAs were present in the genome.


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