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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

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Susan Bon


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between scheduling and first-year-high-school students’ exam scores on the South Carolina Algebra I End-of-Course (EOC) assessment. The study compared existing empirical data from two southeastern high schools from the same school district using 4 X 4 block schedules from 2011-2014 and modified block (A/B) schedules from the years 2014-2016. The study results included Algebra I EOC exam scores from the 3 years each school was on a 4 X 4 block schedule and for the 2 years each school employed a modified (A/B) block schedule. South Carolina Algebra I EOC exam scores for first-time ninth grade students from these high schools were collected and analyzed. Descriptive statistics were used to report sample sizes, means, as well as standard deviations for each of the independent variables. Descriptive statistics were also reported for data from 2011-2016 regarding gender, ethnicity, and SES. A regression analysis was conducted to compare and analyze the mean differences of SC Algebra I EOC exam scores of students on 4 X 4 block schedules and modified (A/B) block schedules. In addition, the regression analysis was utilized to assess the relationship between SC Algebra I EOC exam scores and 4 X 4 block and modified (A/B) block scheduling.


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