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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies


College of Education

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Kenneth Vogler


This quantitative Action Research study examined how a computer-assisted reading program, called MindPlay, affected reading achievement in four second-grade classrooms within a Title I School. The identified problem of practice at Amazing Elementary School (AES) involved numerous years of underachieving reading results for underprivileged, racially diverse children. The majority of primary school students at AES are considered “at-risk” given their reading performance. The study explored whether a different intervention technique would increase student reading achievement, specifically in fluency, phonics, and comprehension, within a Title I context. Therefore, the research question that guided this study was as follows: “What is the impact of the MindPlay computer program on second-grade students’ academic achievement in reading?” Data was collected from three different assessment measures before and after implementation, which was conducted over a nine-week time period. The results indicated that MindPlay had a positive impact on student reading achievement results in fluency, phonemic awareness, and comprehension. An Action Plan was designed based on these findings, as well as feedback from the teacher participants and district personnel, to implement MindPlay in all Title I Schools within the school district where AES resides.


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