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Campus Access Dissertation


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Nursing Practice

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Rita Snyder


Patients with chronic pancreatitis frequently require hospital readmission for complications of this debilitating disease. However, despite the negative impact on patients' quality of life and costs related to high utilization of health care resources, practice guidelines do not exist for management of this chronic population. In order to improve quality, cost, and care outcomes, it is important to develop more effective clinical interventions to decrease readmission rates for this high risk population. The overall objective of this evidence-based project was to identify best practices for management of individuals with chronic pancreatitis that can be translated into nursing practice to decrease hospital readmission rates.

An evidence review was completed to address the PICO question, "What is the evidence to support clinical practice to decrease hospital readmission rates for patients with chronic pancreatitis?" The literature search resulted in the identification of 58 records relevant to nursing practice to decrease readmissions for patients with chronic pancreatitis.

The evidence analysis confirmed prior reports of ambiguity in clinical practice for patients with chronic pancreatitis. Implications for clinical practice, quality and safety, health policy, and research are presented. Recommendations for clinical practice to prevent readmissions for patients with chronic pancreatitis include use of inpatient and outpatient case management, promotion of lifestyle changes, utilization of pancreatic enzyme therapy, and monitoring of patients' functional health status.


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