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Open Access Thesis


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Xiaofeng Wang


This thesis considers the control of quadrotor using a linear PID control and ℒ1 adaptive control. In a justifiable concept, PID controller can be used to control a quadrotor, but in the presence of uncertainties or disturbance, the quadrotor can’t be automatically adjusted to control the changing dynamics of the quadrotor. To solve the problem associated with uncertainties, various control methodology can be used for controlling the changing dynamic of quadrotor, but in this thesis, ℒ1 adaptive control is used because it allows for fast and robust adaptation for desired transient performance in the presence of matched and unmatched uncertainties.

In this thesis, we would derive the quadrotor model which gives us an access on how we can track positions, then design a controller to track these desired positions using PID control. Same concept used for PID control would be used for ℒ1 adaptive control in chapter 5 except this control methodology is used for the cancellation of uncertainty at a faster and robust manner. ℒ1 Adaptive control would use state feedback for its position control and this position control is then used to design the final controller to cancel uncertainties.


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