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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

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Kenneth Vogler


The purpose of this action research study was to describe one advanced placement (AP) high school literature unit and student-participants' perceptions of technological communication in that English Language Arts (ELA) unit. The site of the research was West-Oak High School in Westminster, South Carolina. Student-participants are accustomed to electronic communication. The participant-researcher designed and implemented a blended AP ELA curriculum unit for Shakespearean Drama to combine an online learning discussion with face-to-face discussions aimed at observing whether these students are able to improve their ability to construct defensible verbal and written arguments. Data collections included a series of observations and questionnaires strategically placed throughout the unit, after altering the means of communication, as well as a Teacher Research Journal, added to after each class meeting. The findings indicate that there is an observable difference in person-to-person communication while the OLC is actively in use. An Action Plan for ELA high school teachers to implement blended technology units includes Likert-type scaled surveys, interviews, and teacher-researcher observations.