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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies


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Joshua Gold


This study investigated the perceptions of graduate students in counseling toward seeking counseling as part of the efforts to promote the personal and professional development. The main research question is: what are the perceptions of graduate counseling students toward receiving counseling? The secondary questions are: What are the reasons graduate students in counseling would be willing or reluctant to receive counseling? What are the perceived benefits of counseling? And, finally, what are the perceived drawbacks of counseling? The study is qualitative in nature applying a phenomenological design. The participants were purposefully selected from the Ed.S. program in Counselor Education. Six participants were involved in the study. Data was collected through individual interviews which were analyzed through interpretation and codification to derive themes as they pertained to content analysis. Overall, the results indicated that the participants’ had a positive perception about seeking counseling. However, the participants also shared hindrances that prevented them from seeking counseling.


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