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Open Access Dissertation


English Language and Literatures


College of Arts and Sciences

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John Muckelbauer


When Harvard College built their business school curriculum around case studies and discussion-based classrooms in the early 1900s, it created a radical shift in business school pedagogy throughout the nation due to its ability to prepare students for careers in industry. As case study pedagogy spread to other fields throughout the 20th century, such as medical education and the sciences, these fields extended Harvard's approach in order to create highly effective, field-specific pedagogies. However, business communication is yet to develop their own field-specific approach to case study pedagogy that meets the unique needs of our educators and students. I argue that business communication's current approach to case study pedagogy is locked in a 20thcentury mindset. By developing a taxonomy of case studies, building new composition and distribution processes, reexamining our use of discussion-bases classroom practices, and reimagining new roles for readers and writers, business communication can rehabilitate this pragmatic pedagogical tradition for the 21stcentury.


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