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Open Access Dissertation


Physics and Astronomy


College of Arts and Sciences

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Frank T. Avignone III

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Richard J. Creswick


In this dissertation we report on the first search for solar axions from atomic transitions in the solar core. A search for the 14.4 keV axion from the ground state transition in 57Fe in the sun was also performed, via the axioelectric effect in TeO2 bolometers, in the CUORE-0 experiment. Both axion searches are performed in the scope of the DSFZ invisible axion model. An upper bound on the axion-electron coupling constant of gae ≤ 3.1 x 10-11 (95% CL) is obtained with 62.7 kg days of TeO2 exposure from the CUORICINO experiment. The CUORE-0 data results in a upper bound on the product of the axion-electro and effective axion-nucleon of |gae x geff aN | ≤ 1.33 x 10-17 (95% CL). Data from CUORE-0 was also used to place a bound on the half live for zero and two neutrino double beta decay of 130Te. For CUORE-0 the zero neutrino double beta decay half life bound is T0v ßß(130Te) > 2.7 x 1024 yr When combined with the data from the earlier CUORICINO experiment the bound is T0v ßß (130Te) > 4.0 x 1024 yr The two neutrino double beta decay half life of CUORE-0 was measured to be T2vßß (130Te) = 8.2 ± 0.2 (stat) ± 0.6 (syst) x 1020 yr.

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