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Physics and Astronomy


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Ralf Gothe


This dissertation focuses on extracting the exclusive γ∗n(p) → pπ-(p) reaction cross section from deuterium data. The existing γ∗n → pπ- event generator is modified to include the spectator (proton) information based on the CD-Bonn potential [28] to simulate the real data process. With this method, the exclusive quasi-free process is isolated successfully as demonstrated by the comparison of the spectator momentum distribution of the simulation with the missing momentum distribution of the data, and the kinematical final-state-interaction contribution factor RFSI is extracted directly from the data according to the ratio between the exclusive quasi-free and full cross sections. The results of this dissertation are new the exclusive and quasi-free cross sections off neutrons bound in deuterium. Furthermore, the corresponding structure functions are extracted from those cross sections as well. The experiment was done in Hall B at the Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory (JLab) by using the CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer (CLAS) detector, the “e1e” run data off a liquid deuterium target will provide these final results with a kinematic coverage for the hadronic invariant mass (W) up to 1.9 GeV and in the momentum transfer (Q2) range of 0.4 - 1.0 GeV/c2.


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