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Open Access Thesis


Moore School of Business


Engineering Management

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Nathan Huynh


The objective of this study is to explore the application of Lean Six Sigma to determine root causes of process inefficiency and make recommendations for improving the order processing process at an automobile manufacturing facility. State of the art process quality improvement initiatives Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma are used to explore literature and provide a strong theoretical background for this study. Since the study utilizes both quantitative and qualitative data, the study’s methodological approach is classified as mixed methodology. The study is empirical in nature, and single case study is strategy chosen to complete the study. The empirical case study is carried out via a DMAIC project. Portions of this Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology are used to collect and analyze data in regards to the current process. Additional data is provided by the automobile manufacturing facility’s related stakeholders and combined with data collected throughout the DMAIC project to make recommendations for process improvement. The study reveals the root causes of process inefficiency (high cycle time) and allows recommendations to be made that will improve the current order process at the automobile manufacturing facility. The application of Lean Six Sigma to make recommendations for improving the automobile manufacturing facility’s order processing process was successful.


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