Date of Award


Document Type

Campus Access Thesis


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Ferdinanda Ponci


Simulation-based design provides a comprehensive environment to evaluate products without building physical prototypes. If the simulation environment is able to select appropriate model levels automatically for different stages of the incremental design, the simulation can be performed without unnecessary slow-downs yet provides enough details.

To successfully manage this support for a power system simulation, we proposed in this thesis: (1) An information model structure used for level selection of components within a simulation; (2) Guideline interface for user to input his/her simulation preference in different stages of the multi-disciplinary design; (3) Automatic level selection method based on the information model, the recommended time step and the pre-simulation tests of step response. An example of a RL load model is given to show the implementation of information model. Another case study of the design of a power system is presented to illustrate the whole level selection process. The results of model selection are demonstrated to be consistent with the accuracy required by the user while reducing the computational burden of the simulator.


© 2009, Yongjie Huang