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Allison Marsh


The South Carolina State Council of Defense (SCSCD), under the auspices of the Council of National Defense (CND), worked to convince citizens to voluntarily change their daily habits in the name of the World War I home front effort. The CND developed programs designed to get people to eat less of specific foods, cut back on unnecessary spending, and to participate in war bond drives like the liberty loans. The SCSCD brought the national programs to the local level. This project also demonstrates the strained relationship between the SCSCD and its auxiliary organizations, the Woman’s Committee and the Colored Branch.

The research is presented as an exhibit script, with the intention of showing the exhibition at McKissick Museum. The script contains panel and object label text, images of the objects and posters to be shown in the exhibit, and a proposed layout. Also included is a process statement that provides the research and historiography on which the exhibit is based.


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