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Open Access Thesis


Educational Studies


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Spencer Platt


The purpose of this study is to explore the experiences of Black Males in honors colleges. Specifically this study aims to highlight the successes, challenges, and common experiences of Black males in honors colleges. To this end, the researcher interviewed six Black men in an honors college located in a predominantly White institution in the southeast. This study sought to share a story of success to counteract the majoritarian narrative of Black male underachievement. Critical Race Theory provided a framework and lens to help understand the emergent themes and findings. Through interviews with the study participants the following seven themes emerged; 1) the importance of faculty, staff, and student relationships 2) involvement in civic engagement, social justice, and advocacy 3) the role of advanced placement and international baccalaureate courses in preparing students for college 4) the importance of personal and familial expectations 5) the role of beyond the classroom opportunities in identity development 6) lack of visibility and representation 7) navigation of stereotypes, microaggressions, and racism. These seven themes help us to understand the experiences of the population being studied and come together to help highlight the successes of the study participants.


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