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Open Access Thesis


Chemistry and Biochemistry


College of Arts and Sciences

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Linda Shimizu


Supramolecular chemistry is a vast multidisciplinary field with great potential and application. It is driven by one simple concept, the self-assembly of small building blocks into larger complex architectures without application of external force. This thesis highlights previous applications of supramolecular chemistry in addition to new potential properties and applications. Recently, the Shimizu group reported a self-assembled benzophenone bis-urea macrocycle (host 1) that facilitated the selective oxidation of an encapsulated alkene when UV-irradiated in an oxygen atmosphere to afford products that are typically observed in radical mediated reactions.1 Surprisingly, the host displayed a stable room temperature radical upon UV irradiation. It is not known if the host 1 radical plays a role in the oxidation of the encapsulated guest. This thesis investigates the structure and properties of host 1, a 15N labeled host and a urea protected derivative before and after UV-irradiation through electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), IR, UV-vis, fluorescence, and computational analysis.


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