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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies


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Robert L. Johnson


Fairness in assessment practices is an elusive concept which has been explored in some detail at the university level, but rarely with students in middle school. This study examines students’ perceptions of fairness on nine classroom assessment practices. It also studies if students’ perceptions of fairness, as well as student gender, could predict their levels of trust. Students were able to discern fair practices, as defined by alignment to best assessment practice literature, from unfair practices for most scenarios. They were more inclined to recognize interactional fairness deviations or promotions. The student’s ability to identify a fair or unfair situation did predict the level of trust they would have in a teacher, though the student’s gender did not. Recommendations include teachers being more cognizant of their assessment practices and how they will be seen by their students in terms of fairness.


© 2015, Corinne Elaine Jimenez