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Open Access Thesis



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Suzanne Swan


The current study compares the factor structure of the short form Liberal Feminist Attitude and Ideology Scale (LFAIS; Morgan, 1996) for males and females in a University survey. We first provide a discussion of feminism, a brief narrative review summarizing previous and co-existing measures of the construct “feminist attitudes” for males and females, and then conduct confirmatory factor analyses (CFA) and exploratory structural equation modeling (ESEM) to test Morgan’s own theory that there may exist a single general factor underlying the Liberal Feminist Attitudes Ideology Scale for males and for females, and that the latent construct/s underlying this scale are comparable for men and women. Results of the data analysis, using a sample of 890 University of South Carolina college students, revealed a two-factor structure for females, and no discernable structure for males. Overall, females had stronger feminist attitudes than did males, though males' scores did align somewhat closely with a feminist perspective on some items of the scale. Implications for theory based on the study’s findings are discussed.


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