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Open Access Dissertation


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Christopher Berg


Musicians “move” for a living, yet many guitarists (among other instrumentalists) seem to be unaware of the quality of their movements in playing and teaching the instrument. This may simply be due to the lack of appropriate movement training and body awareness incorporated into current teaching practices, which leaves guitarists vulnerable to playing-related injuries, pain, and frustrating technical limitations. The purpose of this dissertation is to introduce somatic education into guitar pedagogy and performance, as a means of enhancing performing abilities and preventing injury.

After introducing the basis and principles of Alexander Technique and Body Mapping, the author provides practical information about anatomy, followed by an exploration of movement necessary for the process of discovering and changing the faulty body maps/perceptions. As a trainee in Body Mapping, the author is permitted to use training materials, including the course information and anatomical images, developed by Andover Educators®.


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