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Jennifer Parker-Harley


As performers, many professionals in the fields of chamber music and orchestral playing participate in educational and community programming. In an effort to help graduates meet these new challenges, 21st century music schools are creating diverse performance and education experiences for their students to gain skills for success beyond graduation. Until recently, not many music schools offered opportunities for students to learn and develop skills in the area of community programming. In the current music school curriculum, there exists a largely untapped potential for applied teachers to create and institute community performance-based programs for their students. Participation in these programs gives students the training, information, and experience that will benefit them in their future career pursuits.

This document focuses on four types of community performance programs.

1. outreach music for intermittent listening
2. community outreach performances
3. community engagement performances
4. interactive educational concerts

After exploring the abundance of programming options for the four types of community performance programs, suggestions for expanding existing classes and performance outlets to include community programming are presented.


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