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Open Access Dissertation


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Clifford Leaman


The body of classical saxophone chamber repertoire is an ever-evolving collection of music. Presently, many contemporary composers endeavor to write for the saxophone, some more successfully than others. Modern musical language can be overly obtuse and convoluted with avant-garde techniques and sounds that, when performed, may cause an emotional and intellectual disconnect between the performer and the audience. When new pieces are composed that are of high quality and use language that is accessible to performers and audiences alike, it is important for saxophonists to be aware of these compositions and the composers creating them. This document presents the music of composer John Fitz Rogers and details the four chamber pieces he has composed for saxophone to date. These pieces simultaneously challenge performers, please audience members, and showcase Rogers’ unique compositional voice. Upon the submission and dissemination of this document, the author expects that more performers will aspire to perform these challenging works and further commission Rogers to continue to write for the saxophone.


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