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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

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Joshua M. Gold


This dissertation will explore how student Army veterans describe influencing factors on post-service college application. The qualitative research design in conjunction with the Livingston, Havice, Cawthon, & Fleming (2011) Student Veteran Academic and Social Transition Model (SVATSM) allows this researcher to generate a study with implications for the needs of Campus Professionals, Military Personnel such as U.S. Army Career Counselors and Army Soldiers, and Counselors to include Counselor Educators, School Counselors, Career Counselors, and Mental Health Counselors. The study explores what challenges are faced when working specifically with this population that may determine the choice to apply to college after serving on active duty status. The current study seeks to add to the lack of literature regarding college application on this specific population after serving on active duty or returning from deployment in Operation Enduring Freedom (2001-present) or Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2011).


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