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Campus Access Dissertation


Educational Studies


Counselor Education

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Joshua M. Gold


School counselors are increasingly being held responsible for creating programs and services that promote school success and that interface with the academic goals of schools. These programs should help students develop skills to aid in the learning process. In addition, school counselors, who fully implement a comprehensive guidance and counseling program, can contribute to positive student success and development (American School Counselor Association, 2005). This study highlights accountability issues for school counselors and related research regarding the impact school counselors have on student achievement and character development. Specifically, third grade students' perceptions and judgments regarding school success in relation to three classroom guidance lessons were explored. The findings of this study reveal how the students viewed the guidance lessons as being more or less facilitative of their perception of school success. Furthermore the findings can prove beneficial for school counselors with their service delivery of a comprehensive guidance and counseling program.


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