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Jennifer Parker-Harley


The Swiss composer Frank Martin (1890-1974) wrote three major works for flute—Ballade for flute and piano, Sonata da Chiesa for flute and organ, and Deuxième Ballade for flute and piano. Of these, both the Sonata da Chiesa and Deuxième Ballade were arrangements of two of his previously written works, Sonata da Chiesa for viola d’amore and organ and Ballade for saxophone and piano (or string orchestra, piano, and percussion), respectively. Martin wrote both works in their original versions in 1938, a time in his career when he realized his true individual style, embracing the chromaticism of twelve-tone serialism while maintaining a tonal hierarchy in his music. Given that these works were written during such a pivotal point in Martin’s career, this document will provide a thorough explanation of his mature style. Circumstances around the arrangements, stylistic analyses, performance suggestions, and a discography for each of the two works are also presented.


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