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Open Access Thesis


Educational Studies

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Julie Rotholz


The following study focuses on student conduct codes at two religiously affiliated universities in the southeastern portion of the United States (El Shaddai University and Cornerstone University) and the extent to which these codes foster whole student development. In order to develop a well-formed understanding of this topic, the background information contains a brief summary of the historical beginnings of the colonial college in America and an explanation of the role codes of conduct have played in higher education over the years, including relevant disciplinary theories and findings from previous studies. Finally, my own findings gleaned from school histories, mission statements, handbook overviews, and interview data are expressed and analyzed. These findings inform the concluding remarks regarding the hegemonic questions: Do the student codes of conduct at the two religiously affiliated institutions in the southeastern portion of the United States foster the growth and development of the whole student? Why or why not?


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