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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Leadership and Policies

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Katherine Chaddock


Designed as exploratory and descriptive research, this study aims to understand the purpose, content, and the perceived effectiveness of academic/success coaching programs in higher education. The research provides a quantitative analysis of 160 coaching programs from 39 states designed to assist undergraduate students in their academic and collegiate success. Because “academic coaching” or “success coaching” is a relatively new concept on college campuses, little empirical evidence exists to support this role and differentiate it from other campus services such as academic advising, counseling, mentoring, and tutoring. In order to capture the current roles and responsibilities of coaches, a survey was conducted to describe current coaching programs and practices at colleges and universities in the United States. Four variables were evaluated including reasons for creating coaching programs, defining characteristics, institution variety, and assessment. From this descriptive analysis, themes and trends provide an aspirational definition for current and future practices of collegiate-level coaching.