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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Leadership and Policies

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Zachary Kelehear


Utilizing Pearson’s correlation and other forms of data analysis, the researcher explored relationships between principal longevity, leadership behaviors, and student academic achievement in this study. Additionally, the study considered the degree to which leadership behavior ratings seem to be associated with student academic achievement. The researcher found positive correlations among all three variables, with the strongest correlation being between principal longevity and student academic achievement. The only correlation that was found to be statistically significant was between principal longevity and student academic achievement. The researcher was also able to identify the highest and lowest rated leadership behaviors for principals with the most years of experience. The study indicated a need for school districts, and larger scale public school institutions, to study trends of principal longevity, and principal turnover, particularly in high poverty schools and schools with a history of underachievement. Strategies should be implemented to attract and retain high performing principals. All students would greatly benefit by the existence of systems that prevent turnover of effective principals.