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Criminology and Criminal Justice

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John Burrow


Robert Champion, a drum major in the Florida A&M University marching band was beaten to death on, November 19, 2011. He was 26 years old. Champion is the latest victim of a FAMU band hazing incident known infamously as “Crossing Bus C.” The incident at FAMU represents one of the countless hazing rituals that occur each year. On college campuses, it is believed that as many as 55% of students on various teams or members of student organizations experience some form of hazing. This study highlights the complexity of hazing as it relates to its operationalization, its history, and its legal consequences. Additionally, it will posit that the criminal justice system largely ignores this issue because many scholars do not see it as an issue that can be resolved by the criminal justice system. Using crosstabs and Chi-Square tests, this study examines the prevalence of hazing across college campuses. Additionally, this study delves deeper into the demographics of student populations that may indicate their propensity to experience hazing incidents.


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