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Open Access Dissertation


Theatre and Dance



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Lisa Martin-Stuart


This thesis explores my portfolio of graduate work as a costume designer, covering four diverse theatrical works. 27 Wagons Full of Cotton, a self proclaimed "Mississippi Delta Comedy" by Tennessee Williams examines the themes of domestic violence, isolation, and desire in rural America. Polaroid Stories, a modern poetic play by Naomi Iizuka, blends the harsh realities facing today's street youth with classical mythology to create a unique and theatrical world. Jeffrey Hatcher transported us back to the spectacle, scandal, and upheaval of King Charles II's English Restoration in Compleat Female Stage Beauty, following actor Edward Kynaston, who famed diarist Samuel Pepys acclaimed the most beautiful woman on the English stage, and his fall from celebrity into obscurity. Finally Shakespeare's Hamlet, arguably some of the most beautiful and wonderful words written for the stage and my 3rd year project, provided an opportunity to form a "special world" for our production and test my creativity. I will reflect on the design process of each work from beginning to end, including concept discussions, the research process, character specific design analysis, and the overall results of the productions.


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