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Open Access Thesis


English Language and Literatures


Creative Writing

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David Bajo


Smokers is a multi-perspective surveillance spy thriller that juxtaposes the days leading up to the financial collapse with the days leading to the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. The first three chapters of book set up the multiple narrative point of view construct that will drive the narrative. Opening in New York, March 2007, a year before the financial collapse or the knowledge of the collapse and its implications becomes available to the public. We follow James, an administrative assistant at a hedge fund in the financial district. As the chapter unfolds we learn more about his home life. His father, who spouts conspiracy theories and has cold war fears, suffers from a pulmonary disease and uses an iron lung as a life support machine, which is presided over by the family nurse, Shammi, a legalized citizen who emigrated from India. His encounter with a mysterious stranger, who introduces herself as Odessa, leads him to Coney Island and down the rabbit hole that involves the Brighton mob, surveillance and the CIA, and the financial collapse, all so James and the reader can answer the question, who is Odessa?