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This study is a guide for vocalists and teachers to assist in the preparation and performance of two of the solo song cycles by Darius Milhaud (1892-1974): Catalogue de fleurs, opus 60 (1921) and Six Chansons de Théâtre, opus 151b (1936).

Chapter one is a biography focusing on the most impactful moments in Milhaud's career. The chapter takes the reader through his early years, education, travels to Brazil, connection with Les Six, career highlights, and years as a professor. The second chapter serves as an introduction to the compositional elements found in Milhaud's vocal works. After establishing the recurring techniques, the heart of the study begins in chapters three and four. In presenting a thorough analysis of these song cycles, the goal of this dissertation is to focus on:

1. Where, when, and how each of these cycles fit into Milhaud's life

2. The conditions under which each of these cycles were commissioned, inspired, composed, and/or premiered,

3. Milhaud's setting of the poetry to music, including artistic analysis, IPA, and translations,

4. Background on the poet of each text and analysis of the poetry.

Chapter five brings the study to its conclusion including a section with self-editorial suggestions. These suggestions are a compilation of ideas from the author's experience in preparing and performing both song cycles. The study also includes appendices with a list of internet links to beneficial pictures for this study, a chronological list of Milhaud's music for solo voice and piano, a discography of Milhaud's solo vocal works, and information on the Darius Milhaud Society. The hope is that this dissertation will make these cycles by Milhaud more accessible to vocalists and teachers and that as a result, will contribute to the wider dissemination of these wonderful musical works.


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