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Amy Donnelly


The study employed a bilingual family book club framework to group parents and children together during bilingual literature discussion and response. Employing a qualitative design and constant comparative analysis, the researcher examined what happened when a bi-monthly bilingual family book club, involving seven emergent bilingual children, their parents, and a researcher/facilitator, was initiated and sustained over a five month period. The study's context was a Florida panhandle elementary school's media center and a public library branch. Through analysis of book club session and interview transcripts, the researcher discovered that students and parents employed their repertoires of linguistic and cultural practices. These practices enabled participants to take a critical stance toward literature and their lives, to identify marginalization they faced, and to take action to address silencing and invisibility experienced at school. The study proposes implications for making translanguaging central to home and school contexts and creating curriculum collaboratively among educators and families.


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