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Open Access Thesis


Chemistry and Biochemistry

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John J Lavigne


Porous materials with the ability to selectively absorb volatile organic compounds are of high interest for applications in sensing, sequestration and separations. Utilizing the covalent yet reversible boronate ester bonds between boronic acids and diols in conjunction with dative boron-nitrogen coordination bonds has allowed for the discovery of a new class of porous materials. Preliminary results show the ability to obtain porous, crystalline supramolecular boronate networks from the coordination of diamine linkers with boronate diester backbones. Further exploration of porous, crystalline supramolecular boronates has revealed the discovery of a porous crystalline coordination polymer that exhibits reversible, selective guest adsorption properties towards benzene. Our studies have also lead to the discovery of a system that undergoes solvent induced polymorphic behavior resulting in optical transitions for the development of a benzene sensing material. Finally, the discovery of several new crystalline, porous supramolecular boronate inclusion compounds has been achieved through variation of reaction solvent and or modification of the initial building blocks used to construct the network.


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