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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Leadership and Policies


Educational Administration

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Lynn Harrill

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Peter Moyi


The purpose of this study was to determine if there is a relationship between the longevity of a middle school principal and student achievement. Three research questions guided the research to determine if there is a relationship. To complete the study, the researcher used data collected from the South Carolina Department of Education including PASS scores in reading and mathematics, ESEA index, gender of principals, poverty index of schools, and school size to determine the relationships. Data were collected using the South Carolina School Report Card for 2012.

Middle Schools in South Carolina were used for the study. The results showed that while a relationship does exist between principal longevity and student achievement, it is a weak correlation. In conducting a regression of variables, again longevity is a weak indicator of student achievement. Following an analysis of the data, suggestions for future studies include additional years of data, more analysis of various grade levels, and other variables for determining predictor values for variables related to Longevity.