Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Computer Science and Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Michael A Sutton

Second Advisor

Xiaomin Deng


Mixed mode I/II fatigue experiments and simulations are performed for an Arcan fixture and a 6.35mm thick Al-2024-T351 specimen. Experiments were performed for Arcan loading angles that gave rise to a range of Mode I/II crack tip conditions from 0 ¡Ü ¦¤KII/¦¤KI ¡Ü ¡Þ. Measurements include the crack paths, loading cycles and maximum and minimum loads for each loading angle. Simulations were performed using three-dimensional finite element analysis (3D-FEA) with 10-noded tetrahedral elements via CRACK3D. While modeling the entire fixture-specimen geometry, a modified version of VCCT with automatic crack tip re-meshing and a maximum normal stress criterion were used to predict the direction of crack growth. Results indicate excellent agreement between experiments and simulations for the measured crack paths during the first several millimeters of crack extension.


© 2013, Eileen Miller