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Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering

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Guoan Wang


Telemedicine in the modern era is a rapidly developing industry. In a telemedicine system, sensor is the key elements and play important role in any telemedicine applications, especially implantable sensors. Unlike traditional in vitro sensors, there are some special requirements for them like battery-less, compact, and bio-friendly. Therefore, many researchers in institutes as well as in industry are continually developing implantable sensor and sensor system to fulfill the requirements of medical applications.Nine in one thousand people in the United States are born with congenital heart defects and sixty percent die before one year old. As a result, it will be extremely helpful for them to get monitored all the time by certain type of sensors. Meanwhile, for this type of sensors, wireless data transmission is very important for safety and convenience concern.

Heart blood pressure is an important standard for estimating the status of patients, an implantable sensor in patients' heart allows doctors to get these data real timely. This work focuses on the design of an implantable blood pressure sensor system which allows the pressure data to be transmitted wirelessly by inductive coupling between the sensor circuit and measurement device.

The developed sensor system is battery-less, compact and bio-implantable. A series of the small dimensional passive sensors are introduced, analyzed and optimized in this research. Qualitative experiments are conducted, studied and validate the sensor system. The whole picture of a sensor system for a small dimensional implantable blood pressure sensor is exhibited.


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