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Open Access Thesis


English Language and Literatures


Creative Writing

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Elise Blackwell


Red, Yellow, Blue is a hybrid, metafictional novel/autobiography. The work explores the life of Ellis, Lotte, Diana John-John and Lauren as they wander through a variety of circumstances, which center on loss and grief. As the novel develops, the author loses control over her intentionality; the character's she claims to know fuse together, leaving the reader to wonder if Lauren is synonymous with Ellis or if Diana is actually Lotte disguised by a signifier. Red, Yellow, Blue questions the author's as well as the reader's ability to understand the transformation that occurs in an individual during long periods of grief and anxiety. Redemption drifts through the stories, but the conflicting accounts of the main characters leave the reader wondering if anyone will find a way out of the chaos caused by life's uncertainty. By the last story, they will wonder if the author will discover a path, which leads out of the labyrinths she has created.


© 2013, Lauren Elizabeth Eyler