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Alicia W Walker


Repertoire is a critical component of the instructional process at all levels of music education, and more insight into music educators' repertoire selection practices is a need, especially in the case of the collegiate voice studio. A particular void in this topic is the lack of pre-service instructional training including repertoire assignment strategies for prospective and novice voice teachers. The investigator studied these topics using two data collection phases: 1) collecting descriptive data from vocal recital programs in three universities from the southern United States; and, 2) conducting interviews with five experienced voice teachers recruited from the aforementioned institutions. The investigator conducted a pilot interview with a comparable voice teacher, and the investigator determined that the interview produced an adequate amount of data.

The investigator calculated descriptive statistics for data collected in research phase 1, and results indicated the experienced voice teachers assign a core body of titles, composers, and languages. For research phase 2, the investigator coded interviews, directly from the raw data as much as possible, using open coding measures. The investigator analyzed the codes for themes. Several themes emerged amongst participants' descriptions that will be applicable for prospective and novice voice teachers' repertoire assignment practices.


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