Date of Award


Document Type

Campus Access Thesis


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Yinchao Chen


In this thesis, an active integrated antenna (AIA) system is proposed for potential applications in an RF receiver front end for mobile and wireless communication devices. The AIA system consists of a microstrip patch antenna and a low noise amplifier (LNA), which are integrated together with a matching circuit and printed on an FR4 PCB circuit board. The system is designed, analyzed, and optimized by targeting to satisfy the design specifications for both the microstrip antenna and the LNA in referencing the published industrial parameters.

Firstly, the microstrip patch antenna is designed and simulated by the inset feeding method using Agilent ADS software. The optimized dimensions of the square patch are 1000mil × 670 mil with the two smaller feeding patches (400mil × 450mil). The center frequency of the system is 2.45GHz. The objective of this part is to design the antenna to be suitable for wireless communications characterized with low cost, easy fabrication, small size, and high efficiency.

Then, the LNA (low-noise amplifier), composed of NE68030 NPN silicon transistor, bias circuit, and noise matching network, is also studied and designed. It is connected to the microstrip patch antenna to amplify the signal without adding additional noise. The target of this design is to ensure the LNA to be with high gain, low noise, high efficiency, low cost, and to match well with the receiver antenna.

Finally, the microstrip patch antenna and the LNA are integrated together in both the schematic circuit and layout circuits. The integrated AIA system is further tuned and optimized for improving the system performance. The achieved results are encouraging and satisfying and the proposed specifications are essentially met, although the AIA system may be further improved with consideration of industrial design standards.


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