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Campus Access Dissertation



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David S Simmons


The purpose of this research grew out of a very personal experience, the death of Claudia and Emma, my late wife and daughter, and my reaction to it, the TB Photovoice project (TBPV). My research is about the agency of people affected by tuberculosis in 1) how they emerge and respond to involvement in the Photovoice process (a community-based participatory research method) and 2) how their illness narratives and images become commodified, circulated and/or reconfigured in the political economy of health and human rights. Following a period of TBPV assessment, training and implementation (2005-2008) in four sites around the globe, I developed case studies of four purposively selected individuals affected by tuberculosis participating in the initiative. I describe the multiple stories of our collaborators, how different parts of their stories get told and how `TB patients' get socialized into learning about being members of other collectivities (i.e. Persons Affected by TB and Photovoice participants). My primary reflections focus on the social practices and collectivities that structure participation of persons affected by TB in civil society and global TB discourse. TBPV is about the struggle for inter-subjectivity in global TB discourse when currently there is no such thing as equal participation. I conclude with offering an evaluation model for Photovoice practice driven by critical theory as an alternative to traditional systems-based evaluation approaches.


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