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Campus Access Dissertation


Educational Leadership and Policies


Educational Administration

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Zachary Kelehear


The Halifax Regional School Board 2004 - 2006 was stripped of authority to continue its responsibilities. The Nova Scotian provincial government was acting on a pattern established in other state and provincial jurisdictions in Canada and the United Sates. This was to dismiss school boards considered to be dysfunctional and have either the municipal unit (the mayor) or the centralized government take control, in the form of a Minister of Education or State Superintendent. This study examines the background of school board development, issues of democracy and representation, and the responsibility of the press. This qualitative study relied upon documents, interviews, secondary and primary sources. Historiography, ethnography, and survey work all figured prominently in gathering data results. Recommendations for future study include the influence of the press, examination of roles of key actors, and race as an issue in school board governance.


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