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Theatre and Dance


Theatre and Dance

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Steven Pearson


Love is a formless entity. Transformative and elusive, it can wreak havoc in one's life if misplaced. Unrequited love has potential toxicity, rage can stem from the most loving of places, and countless crimes of passion are committed every year.

However, in its base nature, love is formative. It has the potential to bring two separate energies together, the ensuing combination is what people dream of. The chemical process of love, the intellectual understanding of attraction and the visceral pit-in-stomach when one looks across the room at their lover are all worth exploring, especially in the theater.

In this piece I have attempted to synthesize the nature of love through the mode of grief. The experience and understanding of having loved one can change everything. The impossibility of certain physical and emotional trials must be faced with the fullness of one's heart and body.

Through music, words and movement I have attempted to explore the full weight of grief.

This piece is a snapshot of a man who has loved and the void created when love ends.

The man who survives war has questions that must be answered.

The survivor's apology to those who have passed must take form.


© 2013, Samuel Kinsman

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