The Rub

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Campus Access Thesis


Theatre and Dance


Theatre and Dance

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Steven Pearson


The Rub is an experimental piece of performance art, combining many skills of theatre; mainly - acting and its process, and the process of creating a new play, from its inception to its performance, and ultimately its continuation. This document contains the script of the play, a professionally filmed performance of the play, all research that was done prior to the final product, all editing and rewrites done to the script, and detailed descriptions of the rehearsal process. Included as well is the current state of the piece (post performance) and blueprints for what the next step is in the future of this created work.

In theatre the laboratory is the stage. Therefore, the way to truly learn from the art-form is through conducting experiments, and the post analysis of them. The genius in this specific project is that it brought upon challenges that I had not been exposed to, yet had the skills to overcome. The entirety of this project and its process gave me knowledge as an actor that I would not have attained elsewhere in the theatre world. I know now, as an actor, I can create work for myself when there is no other work to be had. And in the current state of our economy, that gives me a huge advantage in the professional world.

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