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Open Access Dissertation


Political Science

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Harvey Starr


What are the necessary components of protracted social conflict (PSC)? The works of Edward Azar have laid the foundation as to how PSC is approached in modern scholarship by identifying four necessary components: effective participation, security, distinctive identity, and social recognition of identity. However, do these components account for all of the descriptive and sustaining aspects of PSC? How are these components measured? Furthermore, testing and verification of these components has been limited. Of specific interest to this dissertation, then, is how the theory of PSC is organized and what its theoretically necessary components truly are. This dissertation reconceputalizes and tests the theoretic components of PSC using the historical-comparative approach with Boolean and confirmatory factor analysis methodologies. A new theoretical framework is applied to the Arab-Israeli and Northern Ireland conflicts. The purpose of this research project, therefore, is to present, test, and justify a theoretical reconceptualization of the necessary components of PSC