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Campus Access Dissertation


Physics and Astronomy



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Milind V Purohit


CP violation in singly Cabibbo-Suppressed (SCS) weak decays of charged D mesons is predicted in the Standard Model (SM) to have asymmetries on the order of $10^{-3}$. $CP$ violation has not yet been observed in the Charm sector; however, the BaBar experiment now has extremely large data samples of charged D mesons which may have the sensitivity to make such a measurement. The CP asymmetry will be measured by studying the asymmetry of the Dalitz plot for $D^{+}$ and $D^{-}$. A fit of the Dalitz plot will give insight of the underlying physics of the decay by measuring the amplitudes and relative phases of resonant ($i.e.$ $\phi$ and $K^{*0}$) and the non-resonant states.