Date of Award


Document Type

Campus Access Thesis


Physics and Astronomy



First Advisor

David Tedeschi

Second Advisor

Hassan Alkhatib


VMAT therapy considered as one of the new techniques for treating cancer patients. This smart arc therapy decreases the treatment time, which decreases the patient motion and the internal motion of the tumor. This thesis came to study the accuracy of this kind of treatment in heterogenetic region like the head and neck regions. TLDs and EBT2 Gafchromic films have been used in side an anthropomorphic phantom for this dosimetric study. These two dosimeters have been used to determine the dose in specific points and to compare the results with the computer plan. Also, EBT2 films have been used to study the isodose distribution on the anthropomorphic phantom slices. After collecting VMAT data, we applied IMRT and Conventional treatment to the same plan, and compared the results with VMAT results. We concluded that VMAT therapy gave the better results over the other kinds of therapy. However, the treatment gave 7.3% fewer doses than what ADAC expected at the high dose and low gradient region.


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