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Campus Access Thesis


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Music Education

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Wendy H. Valerio


The purpose of this research is to investigate kindergarten students' tonal pattern creativity. The research question was: what is the relationship between tonal pattern creativity achievement and developmental music aptitude among kindergarten students? Twenty-one students of one intact kindergarten class participated in the study. Students were administered both sub-tests of the Primary Measures of Music Audiation. The investigator developed a tonal pattern creativity opportunity protocol that was included during regularly scheduled, twice-weekly music class instruction for one semester. At the conclusion of the semester, students were video-recorded during four tonal pattern creation opportunities that were rated by three raters used an investigator-developed, five-point rating scale. Calculated Pearson product moment correlation coefficients between the Primary Measures of Music Audiation- Tonal Subtest and Combined Tonal Pattern Creativity Achievement (CTPCA), the Primary Measures of Music Audiation- Rhythm Subtest and CTPCA, and the Primary Measures of Music Audiation- Combined Score and CTPCA were positive but low in all cases, ranging from .24 to.32. None of the relationships examined in this study was significant.


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