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Campus Access Dissertation


School of Library and information Science

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Paul Solomon


This research examines the process of library brand building, with particular reference to the concept of brand-identity, as drawn and adapted from David Aaker's (1996) Brand Identity Planning Model. This study analyzes the process that was undertaken to build the brands of three public libraries: Live Oak Public Libraries, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, and Richland County Public Library. This research uses a qualitative approach, and evidence of brand building was obtained through interviews, observations, and documentary analyses. Other particular aspects considered here are the legal and policy documents which form the foundation for the brand, innovation associated with the brand building, the contributions of artists to the process, and tensions associated with branding in public libraries. A flexible conceptual framework based on semiotics, social interactionism, and the ideas of Jean Baudrillard and Umberto Eco were used to reflect on the findings.


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