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Open Access Dissertation


School of Journalism and Mass Communications

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Sei-Hill Kim,


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the degree of Westernization in advertisements published in major Kuwaiti daily newspapers over the past 21 years (1992-2012). Utilizing a quantitative content analysis, the diffusion of Westernization into the content and form of the advertisements was analyzed. Specifically, a sample of 584 advertisements published on the front pages of AlQabas and AlWatan Kuwaiti dailies from 1992 to 2012 were examined. The advertisements were analyzed to detect the increase and/or decrease of the presence of 12 Westernization attributes. These attributes are: product/ brand origin (Western or local), Western models and or local models, the English language, Western themes, Western artifacts and or settings, modernity (in contrast to tradition), globalization (in contrast to nationalism and or patriotism), individualism (in contrast to collectiveness), youth and/or beauty (in contrast to filial piety and or respect for the elderly), competition (in contrast to harmony with others), freedom (in contrast to conservativeness), and active contribution (in contrast to passive acceptance). Findings indicate that Western cultural values have diffused into advertisements published on the front pages of Kuwaiti dailies over the past 21 years. In addition, the findings suggest that there is a relationship between the presence of Western attributes and the origin of the advertisements; Western attributes were found more in Western advertisements. Results indicate that English use, and the cultural values of modernity, globalization, individualism, freedom, youth and beauty, and active contribution, have diffused, increased, and become prevalent in advertisements published on the front pages of Kuwaiti dailies from 1992 to 2012.